Safety Is Our Priority

27, June, 2020

JÒHŌ HOTEL has initiated a comprehensive Covid-19 prevention policy to ensure hotel guests have a safe and satisfying stay. We will carry out regular cleaning and disinfection of hotel facilities and also monitor the health of all our staff to allow all our guests to feel at ease. 

【JÒHŌ’s Covid-19 Policy】
1. All staff must have their temperature taken and wear a mask upon entering the hotel.
2. Guests can wash their hands using the disinfectant dispensers that are installed at the hotel lobby, the restaurant, and the roof level.
3. Guests entering the hotel must have their temperature taken and their hands disinfected.
4. Additional housekeeping tasks: Disinfectants will be used to clean all room facilities. After the room has been cleaned, an ultraviolet light will be used to further disinfect the room.
5. Regular disinfection of public areas, including toilets, elevators, door handles, buttons, furniture, dining tables, etc.

【Safe lodging practices for guests】
1. All guests must have their body temperature taken and undergo hand disinfection when entering the hotel premises. It is also recommended that guests wear masks in all our public spaces.
2. All guests must fill out a health statement each time they check in.
3. Guests who have a fever (37.5°C or above) or are persistently coughing are recommended to seek immediate medical care. The procedure will follow rules and guidelines issued by government health authorities.
4. If there are any concerns or if you feel any discomfort, please notify the hotel concierge and we will provide immediate assistance.

【For further information】
For further COVID-19 information, please refer to the Taiwan Center for Disease Control (CDC) website or call the CDC epidemic prevention hotline at 1922.


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